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Introducing PME

PME has Licensed Consultant/Instructors on staff who are dedicated and trusted to provide Food Safety Training to the operators in the food industry.  As the national provider of ServSafe and the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) classes and exams, our team of Consultant/Instructors offer customized training and education services for anyone looking to obtain their valid Food Manager Certification, TABC Seller-Server Certification, HACCP Certification, and/or Food Handler Certification.

PME classes and exams comply with all standard requirements necessary to receive the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved certification.  PME classes may be customized to suit the needs of the food operator, including location of their class, the timeline for each class (day or night, weekday or weekend), the duration for class, and their choice for paper or computer exam.


PME complies entirely with the Conference for Food Protection (CFP) accreditation program.  This means you can trust that PME professionals will deliver extended levels of current industry-specific food safety practice standards and recommendations.  

PME Consultant/Instructors are specialists that are authorized to help food operations teams in specific areas such as food defense, HACCP planning, Quality Assurance, and everything food safety related.  We do not only provide the specialized training. 


We facilitate programs, processes, and procedures for every business model in the food industry.  This ensures that participants will obtain the usable knowledge to understand how to not only keep food safe, but to also know EXACTLY what health inspectors look at during their particular view of the food operation, and so much more: creating a win-win situation.  

When any Health Department needs specialized training for their Inspector/Sanitarians, they call on PME to provide them with that training.  PME's training for health departments includes demonstration and practical applications practices to ensure all participants obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the entire FDA Model Food Code.  Every Health Department in America MUST draw these jurisdictional guidelines when establishing their own local regulatory requirements.   

Our professional staff of Consultant/Instructors are licensed and certified public health experts, each meeting stringent hiring standards.  To be considered for hiring, PME secures permission and adherence to submit to comprehensive background searches and verifications standards such as each one minimally possessing 15-years of hands-on food operations expertise in upper management supervising at least 75 food handlers.  Their education and experience is vetted thoroughly.


PME further mandates each Consultant/Instructor to maintain 80-hours of training annually in culinary and hospitality process, procedure, and policies.  They must also continue on-going industry-specific train-the-trainer lessons. 


PME provides every type of Food Safety systems service and/or program all across the food industry. There is absolutely no food business model that PME Consultant/Instructors have not ever provided with training or consultative service to in America.  

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Taking out time from your busy work schedule to attend Food Safety Training can be challenging; PME is here to lighten the load off your shoulders.   Our Consultant/Instructors are professionals whose first priority is always the interests of our clients; providing them capability and adaptability to accelerate their optimal potential for success.  Since 1985,  the PME  Consultant/Instructors have been serving loyal clients in the Great State of Texas and abroad, with no-nonsense, fast classroom training - get in touch to start enjoying our Food Safety Training sessions being held each day.

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