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In a Food Operation, Food Safety is Vital to Keeping Doors Open

There are Several Different Components to Food Safety

Many programs and processes have to run smoothly for any type of food establishment to keep its doors open for business.  Operations teams are trained and then expected to be responsible for achieving  specifically measured levels of efficiency.  The quantified productivity levels are notable by the management teams, and employee performance evaluations summarize an individual employee's performance and productivity value to each business model.  The same thing applies for the food operations management teams.  That's how senior-level and executive-level leadership teams size-up the food operation's overall success.  They're called Performance Evaluations. 

An example of monitoring  process efficacy for the sake of determining needs for staff/operating improvements is assigning leadership teams in each shift to frequently check the  labor and food cost control reporting systems, and/or by performing a manual accountability of those initiatives and programs processes and procedures for each shift.

In regard to food safety,  every other process and procedure realistically becomes secondary, in terms of measuring the business model's existence capability.  Expected profitability margins and customer loyalty margins gleaned from human behavioral patterns alone do not dictate whether or not a business will be allowed to keep its doors open.   

Food Safety is the single-most vital component to any food establishment.  Every employee from the dishwasher to the single highest-ranking member of the company on the floor has a professional obligation to perform any and all of the functions of their position with an unfettered attention to detail regarding the food products that they deal with in the food operation.   

For example, if/when a break-down in a food safety procedure and/or process occurs, and it's final outcome has a catastrophic ending. This is an absolute certainty for a food operation's demise and closure, especially if/when the food safety issue results in a foodborne illness, an outbreak, or a contamination death of one or more customers.   

Food contaminations occur at any point in the food operation, whether it be from neglect or inattentiveness, or through a lack of training, or laziness, or just from the naturally occurrng science.  Food becomes contaminated for thousands of reasons, many of which occur from oversight and/or natural science, while others through human intervention or lack thereof.  But one common denominator is always present- a food operation's success is determined by the effectiveness of the food operations team to be proactive, not reactive to the food safety challenges that arise.  

Health Department inspectors can be a good source of pointing-out training needs, but for a complete understanding of Food Safety, the professionals at Premiere Management Enterprises, PME have become every Food Operations Team's number one source for remaining at the tip of the sword.  



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Even the brightest people have to be mindful of food safety

In Every Food Operation there are Endless Opportunities

For many years, each of our Consultant/Instructors has  worked with the complex matters surrounding food safety procedures.   From having decades of experience, we were able to build a long-term plan that has helped  our clients to get back on track and achieve their goals.

Food Safety Workshop

The Premiere Management Enterprises, PME consultants have frequently hosted free Food Safety Workshops for Interested individuals during the Holiday Season.  If you would like more information, please let us know. 

Call 832-581-7096


During the Holiday Season our consultants provide free food safety training at the private homes or small businesses of anyone from the general public  The goal is to offer the same high-quality  food safety training for private use, as that offered to the industry professionals.   If you would like more information, please call us: 


Serving Safe Food: Everyone's Responsibility

Do You See the Food Safety Violations in this Common Kitchen Operation?  

A Step In the Right Direction

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In the photo of the Food Operation on the Left, You Can See That  There are Health Code Violations.  These types of Violations are Quite Common in Essentially Every Food Operation in America-from the Small, Mom & Pop Taqueria, all the Way Up to the Big Fortune 500 Food Operations Company. Although No One Food Operator Admits to it Openly, Every One Has Some Sort of  Major Violations!

Violations Like These Are Very Common, Although Employee Habits Oftentimes are Not Corrected or Addressed 

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Premiere Management Enterprises

The Consultants at PME provide food and beverage safety training and certifications for the professionals of the food industry.  Their training helps protect businesses, employees, and customers alike by offering the most recent and comprehensive educational materials to all of the food operations companies in all of America.  

Our complete line of training helps lead the way in providing the current knowledge and processes as they evolve in the food industry. 

Our training prepares any food service worker, whether it's with a front or the back-of-the-house issue.  

PME is paving the way through the food industry by offering two formats for participants to take-on with their training.  PME provides written format and on-line testing.  This way, anyone can select an exam format that best fits their personal preferences for testning.  PME does NOT force anyone to proceed with only one type of offering.  

PME Consultant/Trainers are certified and licensed professionals with many years of experience in the food industry. 


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